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Ease of consumption
Ease of consumption

first, consumer confidence: orders taken after the entire process, for a fee, and no filming fees. Includes:

(a) all wedding dresses and other clothing, are not partitioned, can according to their own conditions and arbitrary selection specified in the contract;

(b) all makeup and styling for free, delicate eyelashes free import Anping fix essence is free to use;

(c) according to the contents of packages under the contract, guests can bring their own lovers and other clothing shoot, free make-up styling;

(d) all take a digital photo, (including exteriors and interiors) and large files for the selected finishing photo, free burn disc, giving guests.

Second, shooting rest assured: during the filming, we'll make the best of each and every aspect of communication, every link, will seek your opinion. Ideology is, after all, technical service, there are different points of view, if customers are not satisfied, we will communicate, depending on the circumstances and specify another photographer or makeup artist to capture or turned, in the selection of the day decided to Pat or made matters.

three, later assured: all the products in the late, late design established by the guest book and other products, was finalized just 20th got the package-free products.

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