Newcomers are confident in wedding photography

Married looking for not only a wedding company, also wedding and invited guests, prior to these there is also a need we should to heart, that is to bring your marriage certificate, so that by the time rush forgot didn't know business! This is not a joke yet? Now Shenzhen marriage photo for wedding photography studio that notices are listed again.

     marriage is a happy thing, and of course marriage photo background colour is red, so, all according to the shade to color clothes to suit your complexion.

     photos of hair a week ago as a marriage certificate, and don't hate to cut the day before everyone else's hair, you know, details determine success or failure, not to mention the haircut was a big small thing.

     marriage photo, not disheveled, Photo Studio has a mirror, comb your hair well again.

     marriage pictures, two people are required to have a bright smile, don't let onlookers see you here an expression of being forced.

     wedding photography studio in Shenzhen should remind beforehand to say affirm, marriage photos are not satisfied, a remake! In this way, men in order to save time, will pay special attention to, first pass.

     General marriage photo locations can have two options: the day of registration, the registry has a dedicated photographer take marriage photos and CDs, prices and photo gallery. Shoot, the efficiency is very high! However, marriage photos of the day, if there is good day, queues of people will be very much, your turn, haven't put on a good pose, look out, photographers have shot well, too as the effect is not good, then who do you hate nothing.

     registered in the previous month or earlier until a dedicated photo studio to take a marriage certificate. Remember photo gallery.

     according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the 22nd article of the provisional specification for marriage registration, marriage registration shall be submitted by the parties, "sophomore inch" half-length Hat photos in the near future on both sides.

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