Short hair brides need not worry, wave hair behind your

For too sudden happiness is like getting married, this is not the most suitable for the bride was worried how married hair flowing in the wind? How beautiful wedding photos? Questions like 3,000 hair-like, the more hope it get longer still as crazy! Don't worry, Suzhou Photo tells you can have what you want without a hair, Oh! Bob that is popular.

     create elegant Bob, one of the five pillars: revealing smooth forehead is to give people the first step in the classical sense, so different from the General Liu Qi of BOBO, wedding day requires all combed bangs. Hair bangs fixed overhead applied when low wind blowing out from within the hair fluffy icing.

     create elegant wave two of the first five on the list: hair should be tightened on both sides of the head behind the head, so you can modify face also gives the overall clean and minimalist effect.

     create elegant waves of three of the first five on the list: radian BOBO's aesthetic is smooth hairstyle, the hair should be in the neck area with a larger diameter curling iron scrolled off the arc of the semi-circle.

     create elegant waves of four of the first five on the list: securing the hair rolled and then clamp to the rear, fixed positions as high as possible, so the overall effect of tall is able to highlight the bride's neck, refined to unexpected results.

     create elegant wave of the first five on the list of five: makeup should improve the overall temperament of soft beige. Root curl lashes make my eyes to be nimbler, thin, clear lip gloss is also essential beauty items!


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