Show you the magic and beauty of the bride nail

A beautiful bride, is bound to have a pair of qianqian hands, the usually busy you don't have time to take care of your nails, is about to step into the Auditorium you don't care a bit more, think otherwise was already sitting to perfection, are you willing to lose in nail the little details?

     bridal style without nails this one, to want to have a shiny, beautiful nails is not simple, Suzhou Photo tell you great content, Nail Polish, armor, polishing, trimming, are learning. Now teach you some nail art tips!

     going to nail the bride wanted a washing water to penetrate more effectively, cotton pads are better than cotton. Select the wash water, to choose does not contain acetone. If confused elements, you can select the comparison is not much "banana oil" tastes of washing water;,  If you are using a surface after white powder residue on,  shows the wash-water is very on nails, because it contains a lot of acetone.

    Suzhou Photo expert reminds brides to trim the nails have to be careful in the face of so many nail clippers, be sure to choose the right size. If it is too small, it will need to cut a lot of it, so it may edge roughness, cracking may also cause nails. Too large nail clippers scissors, but may cut edge.

     in the last two years are popular short nails. Simple healthy long nails just procrastination. But it is different, like some finger is shorter, it is suitable for long nails to cause elongated shape. Joint taboo long nails with larger hand, looks too abrupt.

     Suzhou Photo staff said many people believe that surrounding area more beautiful nails, French manicure is popular and covering nails occupied almost all the fingers. This year's major magazines and fashion shows are starting to force holds the oval nails, benefits will make your hands look slender. But newcomers should be determined in accordance with their fingers!

     bridal nail trimming is a science. Perfect nail shape on the one hand, the other is to make the edge smooth. Select products are the key, thin sand weight waiting, if there is any modification, you can select a 180-unit weight of sand, if there is no such reference, and used her hands to feel, too coarse grinding up fast, but still make the edge smooth.

     Nail Polish should note that fine edge conservation, the most important thing is to maintain the nutritional oil coating. Pruning is better to the nail, which is part of the most valuable investment. Of course, the end of oil is absolutely indispensable, on the end of oil is to nail cream before makeup, not only to avoid the nails natural oils makes Polish premature peeling and also prevents the color of Nail Polish colors in precipitation, a direct threat to nail health. But even without Nail Polish, and can also be coated with oil to strengthen nails toughness, many brands of oil containing nutritional components.

     Suzhou Photo staff suggested the couple should usually be used should as far as possible with some brands of Nail Polish, so quality is guaranteed!


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