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to take pictures of the bride and groom, before shooting tips and precautions!

to MM GG preparation before shooting

(1) the bride and groom must pay attention to a good rest before filming, maintaining a pleasant mood. Less water as little as possible to eat before going to bed, so can effectively avoid bags under the eyes and stomach area.

(2) the poor eyesight of the bride, if you need to wear contact lenses, be sure to wear in advance, your eyes have time to adapt, so to avoid eye irritation when taking photos with or without God.

(3) near the shooting date, best not to bask in order to prevent skin from sunburn.

(4) before shooting advice for their skin care, laminated film is a good idea.


small matters to the shoot day

(1) photographed the same day, the bride and groom must wear comfortable clothes and shoes, so easy and enjoyable to complete travel and photography.

(2) the groom should be shaved beard, cut may affect the appearance of hair, nails, hair can be relaxed as much as possible, bride's armpit hair has to be processed.

(3) before coming to the shop, ask MM GG prepare a snack or pair of jeans, and wearing a pair of dark shoes and white socks and dark socks! MM myself to prepare a pair of light colored, comfortable shoes, light colored strapless underwear light colored panties (wardrobe malfunction-proof and easy wedding running, hehe). Of course we also have a lot of clothes and accessories, but your own apparel best represents the unique and distinctive, is the most comfortable to wear, the most fit, most personality.

(4) shoot day not make-up of the bride, the bride and groom are not styling water, when the stylist responsible for cosmetics production style of work. Makeup before the photo with makeup artists, photographers look at communication, stating that she wanted to feel and style.

(5) what props can be prepared, such as lovers, lovers hat, a pair of small dolls, has its own special jewelry, gifts of two monuments, and so on, with flowers, and of course we can order for you.

(6) the music can take what they like, on her way to listen, relax when taking pictures.

(7) taken as little as possible in the day carrying and wearing expensive jewelry to prevent lost or damaged in the shooting. Of course, except for the beloved little necklace, earring.

(8) remember to eat breakfast, arrive on time, don't be late.

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